The Most Welcoming Destinations to Reach as an Expat

Destinations for expats

Moving abroad as an expat can be a daunting quest because there is so much information out there than can make the choice very difficult. The ideal way to get ahead as an expat is to find locations that are welcoming to expats that contain people who are hospitable. It is through these channels that high level positions will become available to expats that will allow them to make a substantial amount of capital and live very well. Additionally, the ideal expat destinations do not possess a plethora of red tape for expats to go through for expats to get set up with proper documentation.

Expats who are looking for locations that have the ideal components to easily make one’s roots, start a business, and live well, should think outside the box when trying to find the ideal location to call their new home.

The Best Expat Locations to Consider

While there are many enticing options to choose from, here is a list of expat locations that are easily to make the transition from tourist to expat with minimal struggle and the potential to live a very high quality of life:

  1. Tanzania: Da Es Salaam has a very easy society to come to as an expat. The laws are very lax and the level of corruption meets the prerequisite of corruption necessary to successfully start one’s own business with ease. In addition to the economic factors, the people in Dar Es Salaam are tremendous and helpful to expats. In fact, there is a sizeable expat community in Dar Es Salaam that has the ability to jet to Safaris or Zanzibar in their free time. Dar Es Salaam is often missed by expats; however, there is a wealth of opportunity there to do well and live well in the process.
  2. Mexico: Mexico overall has attracted more than 800,000 Americans in recent years. The reason for this is that Mexico offers the potential for a much higher quality of life at a lower cost. Particularly for Americans, there is a loop hole in the immigration code regarding NAFTA that permits more visas for Americans that are desiring to reside in Mexico. Granted, Mexico is quite corrupt, meaning that should an expat want to start their own entity there, it absolutely is possible. For those expats that have families, achieving a worthwhile education for children is also possible at the plethora of sensational schools that Mexico possesses. One other special aspect that Mexico offers is gorgeous scenery that is located in an ideal locale in the Americas should the expat need to travel elsewhere. Expats should absolutely consider Mexico due to the wealth of opportunities for highly educated and qualified expats to do well there and essentially, thrive.
  3. Guatemala: Guatemala is an ideal locale for expats that want to live well, have enough corruption to easily get setup, and also have the potential for higher paying jobs if the applicant is qualified and applies to the right places. Additionally, Guatemala is a gem in that it provides spectacular scenery and a very high quality of life for expats that are considering moving there due to the low cost of rent and overall meal-related expenses. Guatemala is a wonderful expanding economy that will serve expats well in the long term who are looking for a slower paced quality of life that is still fiscally lucrative as well.

How Money Exchange Companies Can Be Beneficial

When considering relocating to any prospective expat destination, it is essential to look into what money transfer companies can accomplish for you. Should you do so, you will be able to save a great deal of capital on your upcoming financial transaction. Additionally, you will receive individualized attention that will enable you to make the best fiscal decision possible. Money exchange companies are the new trend because they are better than banks, more reliable, and ultimately, more affordable to expats in the ever-globalizing world.

Concluding Remarks

To conclude, becoming an expat is a major decision for those that are looking to start businesses of their own. It is important to look for countries that are welcoming to expats and that also have the potential for high paying job opportunities for those that meet the educational and experience qualifications. Be sure to carefully consider countries that are developing, but that still have the potential to be lucrative. The reason for this is that if you get in before they regulate, you will be able to set up a sensational quality of life for yourself as an expat that owns your own business. In this strategy, be sure to see what money transfer companies can do for you. The combination of all of these efforts will be able to allow you to find the ideal locale that will allow your entrepreneurial ideas to thrive as an expat while simultaneously living a very high quality of life.