Traveling to Eastern Europe: Unique Travel Recommendations

Even though Western European countries have historically been more popular for travel, there are a plethora of divine countries to visit that are quite close to Western Europe in Eastern Europe. What is remarkable about these countries is that they have such a long and established history. This means that the culture, museums, and architecture are a wonderful experience for the traveler to enjoy that is quite unique from traveling to Western European countries.

Consider the following countries when looking for something unique to enjoy on your next European holiday.


belgrade serbia

Serbia is surely a very underrated place to travel for foreigners. Belgrade is a stunning city that has a historic quarter that is directly on the Danube. Travelers and locals alike are able to eat a traditional Serbian dinner while overlooking the Danube. Belgrade is a city that is developing a unique scene quite quickly and is a wonderful place for tourists to visit that want to see a very unique and historic culture. From Belgrade, there are many day trips that are a wonderful experience in the countryside that have outdoor treks and breathtaking landscapes to enjoy. Serbia is often forgotten among travelers, but surely is a wonderful choice for a meaningful vacation.


dubrovnik Croatia

Croatia is a country that is another recently discovered hidden gem in that it has a presence that is directly on the Mediterranean. It has become quite popular for those who like yachting and spending time at the beach. That being said, there are some wonderful olive farms and wine vineyards to tour as a traveler who is looking for unique wine tasting destinations that are less discovered by other travelers. For a relaxing holiday with stunning views of the Mediterranean, Croatia offers a great locale for your family to experience that also has a long and established history to learn about.


bratislava slovakia

Slovakia, although smaller, has a wealth of activities to offer tourists. Bratislava is a short boat ride away from Vienna on the Danube, which allows individuals who are traveling in Slovakia to enjoy a view of the Danube as well in Bratislava. For those tourists that are interested in former Soviet history, Bratislava has many meaningful museums for individuals to explore and learn more about that part of Slovakia’s history. For a smaller city with a distinct cultural history, Bratislava and other smaller towns in Slovakia do offer a very unique experience to travelers paired with divine cuisine and nightlife.

Czech Republic


Prague has recently experienced a major surge in tourism. The Czech Republic has a wonderful and established history and culture that includes great breweries, Christmas markets, sophisticated architecture, and classical music performances. For the traveler that enjoys museums, cultural monuments, and fascinating history, the Czech Republic and particularly, Prague, is a wonderful place to consider for travelers to enjoy.



Budapest is yet another peaceful and stunning city situated on the Danube. That being said, Budapest is a luxury capital city that offers fine dining, theatre performances, and stunning architecture. One of the best places to visit in Budapest is the Budapest Caste, which has a gorgeous view of the boats passing by on the Danube below. Hungary has recently had a surge in their wine production, which has produced some spectacular red and white wines. For travelers who enjoy sampling exotic grapes, Hungary is surely a wonderful place to tour to go wine tasting.


Peles Castle

At the end of it’s journey, the Danube river creates an oasis of wildlife in Romania, the Danube Delta. People can go bird watching and fishing as well, or just to enjoy a unique sight in Europe. Near the Delta is the seaside region of Constanta with access to the Black Sea and its numerous party beaches that attract every year thousands of tourists.

But if you want to enjoy a different kind of views, than the city of Brasov will provide you with endless sights of mountains and hundreds years old architecture, old city buildings and the Peles Castle, a lavishly decorated building that served as a getaway spot for the monarch.



Greece is a country that is often forgotten when looking at Eastern Europe; however, it has a history and culture of thousands of years that rivals many modern nations. Athens is a wonderful city to enjoy Greek culture and architecture from eras past; however, the Greek Isles are another great locale for a meaningful vacation. What makes the Greek Isles truly special is that one can not only have the resort vacation, but also they can visit archeological sites where history from thousands of years ago has been discovered. This is particularly true on an island such as Santorini. Lastly, Greece is a fun country to visit in that one can see statues devoted to Greek Mythology all over the country, which is a wonderful and rewarding travel experience. Greece is the ideal destination for families that want to provide their children with education and leisure in a meaningful holiday.

Final Remarks

Greece is a country that has a wealth to offer tourists and expats alike. From many years of history, to divine cuisine, to gorgeous diverse scenic views, Greece has it all at an affordable price. Consider Greece for your next holiday and you will truly have a wonderful experience that you will remember for many years to come due to Greece’s unique aspects that it has to offer tourists.