Travelex Travel Money Rates

 Currency  Rate  1000 GBP =
 GBP to Euro 1.1447 EUR 1,144.6687 EUR
 GBP to US Dollars 1.2403 USD 1,240.2752 USD
 GBP to Australian Dollars 1.8853 AUD 1,885.2873 AUD
 GBP to Turkish Lira 35.1457 TRY 35,145.7440 TRY
 GBP to Canadian Dollars 1.6591 CAD 1,659.1019 CAD
 GBP to Swiss Franc 1.0794 CHF 1,079.3609 CHF
 GBP to Japanese Yen 181.9360 JPY 181,935.9645 JPY

Travelex’s exchange rates are ESTIMATED. The way our estimation works is this – we sampled each provider’s exchange rates through its website and made out an average margin per currency. Then we used an external provider to supply us with real-time currency rates and applied the margin previously calculated, per provider, per currency. These are indicative rates only, and we don’t guarantee these are the actual currency rates.

Travelex Travel Money Rates Compared

Looking at Travelex’s rates for 1 or 1,000 Pounds, we see a slightly worse rate than our most recommended providers. You can see the difference when compared with Wise:

 Currency Travelex 1000 GBP =  Wise 1000 GBP = Additional Info
 GBP to Euro 1,144.6687 EUR 1,168.1781 EUR More Details
 GBP to US Dollars 1,240.2752 USD 1,268.3099 USD More Details
 GBP to Australian Dollars 1,885.2873 AUD 1,939.3662 AUD More Details
 GBP to Turkish Lira 35,145.7440 TRY 39,482.9105 TRY More Details
 GBP to Canadian Dollars 1,659.1019 CAD 1,712.1807 CAD More Details
 GBP to Swiss Franc 1,079.3609 CHF 1,116.1891 CHF More Details
 GBP to Japanese Yen 181,935.9645 JPY 189,809.0586 JPY More Details

Additional Providers:

About Travelex – a Review

Founded in 1976 by Lloyd Dorfman, Travelex opened its first store in Southampton Row, London. Today they serve over 37 million customers every year in 26 countries being available across 1,400 stores and over 1,200 ATMs. You can find them in all the key locations for travelers like aitport, seaport, rail and other tourist locations.

Travelex also offeres a service of international money transfers which we have not fully reviews. View our money transfer service comparison here.

The advantages of using Travelex Travel Money include:

– Free shipping on orders over $1,000. Next day delivery readily available.
– Home delivery or in-person pickup from Travelex store are both available.
– Travelex MoneyCard is a prepaid Mastercard that offers peace of mind and online management for your funds while traveling. Can be loaded with 6 different currencies, doesn’t incur ATM fees, and is not linked to your bank account for added security.
– You can order online and choose from over 50 different currencies.
– Online payment is secure; Travelex has over 39 years of experience and operates in 29 countries throughout the world.
– Price promise guarantee
– 100 different stores where you can pick up funds.
– Currency can be paid via Visa, MasterCard, American Express or a debit card. Virtual card number products are not accepted.

The disadvantages of using Travelex Travel Money include:

– Only the most common currencies can be received in the store the next day. Less common currencies can take 5 days to collect.
– Not all currencies are available, some are not offered at all.
– You cannot choose the range of denominations that you receive.