Travel FX (Global Reach Partners) Travel Money Rates

 Currency  Rate  1000 GBP =
 GBP to Euro 1.1816 EUR 1,181.6676 EUR
 GBP to US Dollars 1.2849 USD 1,284.8659 USD
 GBP to Australian Dollars 1.8868 AUD 1,886.8042 AUD
 GBP to Turkish Lira 41.0412 TRY 41,041.1869 TRY
 GBP to Canadian Dollars 1.7490 CAD 1,748.9545 CAD
 GBP to Swiss Franc 1.1195 CHF 1,119.5254 CHF
 GBP to Japanese Yen 198.7951 JPY 198,795.1392 JPY

TravelFX’s exchange rates are ESTIMATED. The way our estimation works is this – we sampled each provider’s exchange rates through its website and made out an average margin per currency. Then we used an external provider to supply us with real-time currency rates and applied the margin previously calculated, per provider, per currency. These are indicative rates only, and we don’t guarantee these are the actual currency rates.

Are TravelFX’s Rates any Good?

When we look at competing providers, we definitely witness that TravelFX is up there. But you can definitely get better rates going with Wise:

 Currency TravelFX 1000 GBP =  Wise 1000 GBP = Additional Info
 GBP to Euro 1,181.6676 EUR 1,191.0224 EUR More Details
 GBP to US Dollars 1,284.8659 USD 1,304.2279 USD More Details
 GBP to Australian Dollars 1,886.8042 AUD 1,931.1772 AUD More Details
 GBP to Turkish Lira 41,041.1869 TRY 43,157.5879 TRY More Details
 GBP to Canadian Dollars 1,748.9545 CAD 1,781.5462 CAD More Details
 GBP to Swiss Franc 1,119.5254 CHF 1,157.8653 CHF More Details
 GBP to Japanese Yen 198,795.1392 JPY 202,773.4902 JPY More Details
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Additional Providers:

About Global Reach Partners – a Review

Global Reach Partners, once a well-known firm particularly favored by corporate clients in the London area, has now merged into Corpay. The company was notable for trading several billions of pounds annually, focusing on corporate FX and high-value clients. However, they no longer supply travel money services.
The advantages of using Global Reach Partners (now Corpay) were as follows:

  • Extensive experience in the foreign currency exchange industry spanning over 10 years.
  • Very competitive rates compared to other services.
  • Personal account managers assigned to guide clients through requirements and tailor services to meet specific needs.
  • Forward contracts allowing clients to secure exchange rates for future transactions, mitigating risks from denomination fluctuations.
  • Flexible transaction options, whether online or via phone, tailored to individual preferences.
  • Personalized rate quotations available online.

The disadvantages

  • Services were not accessible to US-based clients.