Thomas Exchange Global Travel Money Rates

 Currency  Rate  1000 GBP =
 GBP to Euro 1.1590 EUR 1,159.0295 EUR
 GBP to US Dollars 1.2392 USD 1,239.1695 USD
 GBP to Australian Dollars 1.8444 AUD 1,844.4415 AUD
 GBP to Turkish Lira 37.5754 TRY 37,575.3795 TRY
 GBP to Canadian Dollars 1.6742 CAD 1,674.1850 CAD
 GBP to Swiss Franc 1.0919 CHF 1,091.9259 CHF
 GBP to Japanese Yen 192.5208 JPY 192,520.8176 JPY

Thomas Exchange Global’s exchange rates are ESTIMATED. Our estimation works in this way: We sampled each provider’s exchange rates through its website and made out an average margin per currency. Then we used an external provider to supply us with real-time currency rates and applied the margin previously calculated, per provider, per currency. These are indicative rates only, and we don’t guarantee these are the actual currency rates.

Thomas Exchange Global vs Wise

Both companies offer competitive exchange rates, but Wise is the better choice overall. You can see the differences between the two providers below:

 Currency TEG 1000 GBP =  Wise 1000 GBP = Additional Info
 GBP to Euro 1,159.0295 EUR 1,181.5789 EUR More Details
 GBP to US Dollars 1,239.1695 USD 1,264.4701 USD More Details
 GBP to Australian Dollars 1,844.4415 AUD 1,904.8505 AUD More Details
 GBP to Turkish Lira 37,575.3795 TRY 41,480.2721 TRY More Details
 GBP to Canadian Dollars 1,674.1850 CAD 1,731.3367 CAD More Details
 GBP to Swiss Franc 1,091.9259 CHF 1,129.9178 CHF More Details
 GBP to Japanese Yen 192,520.8176 JPY 200,787.6780 JPY More Details

Additional Providers:

Thomas Exchange Global Review

With over 20 years of experience, Thomas Exchange Global has grown to become one of the leading providers of wholesale, retail, travel and commercial foreign exchange services in the UK.

Combining a professional & friendly service, with the security that large banks provide and the best commercial exchange rates available on the market, the company has carefully nurtured a reputation for being one of the top companies in the UK.

The advantages of using Thomas Exchange Global are:

– Offers over 120 foreign currencies, which is more than most other exchange companies.
– Can transfer money to any bank account around the world.
– 0% commission.
– Reputable customer service and positive reviews from past customers.
– Branch collection with the ability to order online in minutes.
– Excellent exchange rates that are regularly update to ensure the best price by the minute.
– Several locations for picking up funds.
– Established in 1993 and has become a reputable leader in the industry since then. They’re known for great service.
– Travel money can be delivered anywhere in the UK the very next day to the address that you specify. Will be sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery.

The disadvantages of using Thomas Exchange global are:

– Website isn’t as user-friendly as others.
– Delivery to home is not free; you will be charged £4.90 for every £2,500 that you purchase in currency.