Terms and Conditions, About Us

Hello and welcome to CompareTravelMoney.net. We are happy to have you on-board and would like to give complete disclosure of the nature of the information we provide.

We are:

✓ A website providing free information about travel money (exchange of money).

✓ Comparing the rates of more than 40 providers, and believe the quotes are accurate.

✓ Earn commission by referring clients to some of the providers (indirectly through a third provider who pays us for the traffic we generate, but it’s about the same).

We are not:

☓ Approved by any financial authority to provide any type of financial service, including but not limited to dealing with any type of transaction ourselves or giving individual financial advice. NOT APPROVED if the past sentence wasn’t clear enough. NOT.

☓ Possess any propitiatory technology for rates. We use two separate service provider who get the rates from the providers and provide them to us.


  • We do not guarantee the accuracy of the rates, and it is up to our readers to verify they are indeed getting the rates they were expecting.
  • We do guarantee that our choice of “so called” best providers are indeed the best you could find searching through thousands of exchange bureaus in the UK. We do believe these are the best rates you will get online from any trust provider, but we cannot guarantee that.
  • We do not take any legal liability for any action you have done as a result of reading the information provided here. It is merely for educational purposes (and commercial purposes for us, of course).


We have just literally started off so if you don’t mind we would like to stay in clandestine for the time being but please do enjoy the website and its content. We’re sure you would find it very helpful.

Staff, CompareTravelMoney.net