Relocating to India

Relocating to India as an Expat – Is It a Good Idea?

India has gained a great deal of attention for expats in recent years. The reason for this is that there has been a trend among expats of looking for engaging cultures to reside in around the globe that offer a better quality of life due to the low cost of living. India is one of those locales that has attracted a plethora of expats due to the opportunity that expats see to make a high salary, and essentially, live better.

That being said, it is important to consider the positives and negatives of relocating to India in order to ascertain whether it is the right expat destination for you as you conduct your search of unique destinations around the globe for your expatriation.

Positives and Negatives of Moving to India as an Expat

Positives: India offers many benefits to expats including low costs of education, housing, food, and many amenities from the expat’s home countries.  The development of the economy in India provides the potential for great career advancement if the expat is able to procure the proper position. Pertaining to language, expats find a great deal of comfort knowing that many locals in the major cities in India speak English due to the British colonial period that India experienced.

This period has set the standard expectation of the population learning English in addition to their native language. The cultural experience that expats will be able to experience in India is not comparable to many expat destinations due to the rich cultural history that exists within India. In fact, many expats have ranked India as a place where one can get ahead financially for a few years to invest in real estate or a child’s education ahead of countries such as China, for example.

Negatives: While India does have many positives, it is important to consider the expat’s safety when deciding to live in India. Particularly, for Western women, it is worth a consideration and investigation as to the level of comfort that a Western woman would experience there due to the great difference of cultures on women’s rights.

For the more adventurous expat, this is a non-issue; however, for an expat that is used to a certain standard of equality, this factor has to be taken into account when considering relocating to India. Lastly, it can be very difficult to acquire employment while already in India that meets the standard of living that the expat may be accustomed to. Securing employment before arrival is essential to have the proper salary to live well in India.

Expats That Don’t Have a lot of Savings

Where the weakness comes into play with relocation to India is that the pay is significantly lower for industries that are not associated with the multinational positions such as tourism. Expats that move to India on a whim without securing employment are in for a surprise because they will have to try to find a job in a Indian multinational company or in the tourism industry that pays substantially less. This could greatly affect the expat’s level of comfort when living and working in India.

Thus, it is wise to have savings established when moving to India to ensure the highest quality of life possible.

Expats That Have a Great Deal of Savings

The strength of relocating to India seems to be tied to those expats that have already established positions with their home country in a multinational or that have substantial savings. The reason for this is that these expats are not being compensated on a scale that is comparable to the local population, which instantly puts them at an advantage to live very lavish lifestyles in India. It is through this avenue that these expats can begin to invest in their life in India relating to global real estate or a child’s educational expenses, which many of these expats have successfully done in India.

Also remember to use money transfer companies to move your money abroad to India.

Concluding Thoughts

India is a destination that is surely turning heads for expats and it is no secret why. Expats are able to live better there. The key to living better in India is going to be tied to your financial situation and how well you plan for your move. If you calculate your costs well, you can live very well in India and have an exciting career in a market that is gaining major traction on the international sphere. Due to the plethora of outsourcing from multinationals, India has needed more expats in managerial roles than ever before.

Consider India when the destination appears on the job application from your home country and you will find a rewarding experience tied to a wonderful lifestyle that can not be achieved in many other parts of the world as an expat.