The Most Popular Relocation Cities in India

India has become a very unique destination for expats to consider. The reason that India is so appealing is that if one does have the proper salary, they can live quite well in India while having a very enriching cultural experience. One aspect of India that is enthralling is the enormous class divide that exists. Due to this class divide, there has been the potential to create innovative cities for both expats and locals alike to explore. The class divide aside, India has made many efforts to have a business culture that is more friendly to foreign direct investment in recent years, which has made their market far more attractive to Western companies looking for skilled laborers that speak English for a significantly lower cost. As a result of India’s economic boom, the government has made substantial efforts to make their cities world class destinations that not only attract tourists, but also appeal to the expats that receive employment offers in India as well. Relocating to India has its pros and cons. The following cities are destinations within India that have gained a great deal of attention and popularity recently:


Lavasa is a very unique case in India. The city was essentially created overnight by wealthy developer Ajit Gulabchand. The city is a gorgeous place that has mountain views. To the outsider’s eye, the city appears as if it is something that one would find in Europe; however, it is located in India. While the city has received rave reviews, there is one problem, there are not many schools there. This makes is difficult for younger residents to consider staying there with permanence if they want to have families. That being said, Lavasa has enormous potential in the years to come as a prospective investment for individuals looking to relocate and/or invest to a unique part of India.


Another prospering city in India that is often forgotten by prospective expats is Hyderabad. Hyderabad was voted one of the best cities in India to stay in. There is spectacular older architecture mixed with the modern elements of a city. For expats looking to relocate to an established city, yet has a unique take on Indian culture, Hyderabad is a great choice to consider for a true experience that possesses true Indian culture.


Pune is another hidden gem in India that is one of the fastest growing cities in the Asia-Pacific region. Pune has a very strong sector of the automobile and information technology sectors. For this reason, the city is expanding a great deal to accommodate the professionals that are flocking to this city for remarkable career opportunities. Pune is also the cultural capital of Maharashtra, which gives the city a unique edge for prospective expats and locals to consider.


Mumbai is hands down one of the wealthiest cities in India. Mumbai has a reputation for possessing billionaires and Bollywood stars. It is the financial and entertainment capital of India. In addition to the strong financial sector that is present in Mumbai, Mumbai also has a sensational location perched on the shores of the Indian Ocean. For expatriates with multinational jobs and locals from other Indian cities that essentially want to experience the Manhattan of India, Mumbai is a sensational choice for living and working in one of India’s gems along the Indian Ocean.


Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India. For the information technology professional that is both from India and abroad, Bangalore offers a wealth of employment opportunities in an industry that is truly taking off in India. India has some information technology innovations that exceeds countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States. The city is known for having a climate that is agreeable year round. Additionally, it is the second fastest growing major city in India. For the expat or local that is looking for a city with employment opportunities in the information technology industry and prospective real estate investment opportunities, Bangalore is a spectacular option to consider.

Concluding Remarks on the Subject

India is a remarkable country with a market that is experiencing a great deal of growth. The reason for this is is that there has been an initiative to remove many of the historic red tape policies that discouraged Western investment. Once these barriers have been removed, India has a major benefit to offer Western companies in that the local population has a very high level of English from the British rule and is also very advanced in the information technology industry. Thus, relocating to India has a great deal of potential in the years to come because the cities are getting more sophisticated and a plethora of employment opportunities are becoming available to both expats and locals alike that are looking for engaging employment challenges.