Difficulties You May Experience When Moving to Australia


Australia is a country that has a wealth of opportunity for the right expat. What is difficult to ascertain for many aspiring expats is whether Australia is the right country for them. This decision is surely not an easy one in that Australia does have some prominent pitfalls for expats to consider before relocating there. Some of these primary pitfalls are related to visa issues, continent isolation, distinct culture, and the fact that the English language is predominant.

That being said, it is important to ascertain whether Australia is the right fit for you and whether the potential pitfalls are matched with prospective advantages for you to gain as an expat in Australia. Consider the following pitfalls when deciding if Australia is the proper choice for your expatriation:

Australian Visa Troubles

Australia is a country that does open its immigration doors to foreigners than most nations in the globe. That being said, Australia opens its doors only to those potential employees who fill a precise gap in their workforce. This is an important fact to remember because Australia has a major shortage in professional industries such as engineering, information technology, science, medicine, and many other professions. If you are an expert in one of those areas, you are going to find Australia a very welcoming place for you and your family to reside in. However, if you are not in one of Australia’s target employment visa categories, it is going to be quite difficult to get papers to seek employment outside of the tourism industry on a working holiday visa. Be sure that you are taking this into account before applying for an Australian visa without a solid job offer in place.

Living on an Isolated Continent

The reality is that Australia is quite far away from many parts of the world. If your family is in Europe, North America or South America, for example, it is going to be quite difficult to attend important family events if you are working. It is wise to consider this carefully if you are an individual that does not like to live far away from their family. Thinking in this manner may make you realize that Australia is not the proper choice for your expatriation.

Culture that is Different From Your Own

Depending where you are from in the world, Australia has a very multinational culture; however, there is still a local embodiment of being an Aussie that you either fit in well with or do not take to. Conduct some research about Aussie culture and see whether you think that their culture is something you would be interested in and if so, dive right in!

English is the Main Language for Employment

Many immigrants wonder about English in Australia and what level is required for employment. What is important to remember is that Australia is an English speaking country and their employment positions are going to require a very high level of English fluency for consideration. This is due to the fact that a large portion of their population has not learned a second language. Be sure to test your English level carefully if you are from a non-English speaking country before trying to find employment in Australia. Your best bet will be to get an offer from a multinational in your home country that has branches in Australia. If you approach the Australian job market from this lens, you will be far more successful in your quest to find a viable employment opportunity in Australia if you are from a non-English speaking country.

Cost of Living in Australia

Australia is a very expensive country to live well in. And even if lately the AUD has taken a small fall, it’s still a good thing to check a currency exchange to see how much you need for essentials and living expenses. Foreigners forget this when they arrive in Australia and unfortunately forget that they need a certain level of salary to realistically be able to afford to enjoy the various sights and activities that Australia has to offer. This is particularly true for foreigners that decide to enter Australia on a working holiday visa. Be sure that your job has the ideal salary so that you can live comfortably in Australia and enjoy yourself.

Final Remarks on the Subject

Australia surely has many appeals to foreigners right now because there are a great deal of employment opportunities to be had in Australia. The key is going to be researching the proper employment opportunities that provide you the standard of living that allows you to live well in Australia. Once you conduct this research properly and decide whether living in an isolated part of the world is the right fit for you, you will know whether Australia is the ideal choice for your expatriation. Be sure to consider Australia because Australia truly is a stunning country that has many wonderful sights and experiences to offer both local residents and expats alike.