The Most Hyped Places to Travel That Are Just Not Worth It:  

The Most Hyped Places to Travel That Are Just Not Worth It:  

Given that there are so many wonderful places to explore in the world, there are surely some cities that are more worthwhile to travel to than others. Additionally, there are cities that receive a great deal more press than they deserve for travel. Here are my list of hyped places to travel that are just not worth it:

hawaii-1358992_960_720Hawaii: I have been to Hawaii eight times because it is where many Californians vacation. I have also been to Bali and Zanzibar. When I say that Hawaii is overpriced for what it is, consider that I have seen better and paid a great deal less. Sure, Hawaii is absolutely stunning (not as this island, though); however, it has an inflated price tag for what it is. One can easily go to Bali, Zanzibar or even parts of the Caribbean for a substantial discount and likely see even more picturesque scenery than Hawaii. Thus, consider branching out on your prospective resort beach destinations and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Chicago: Having lived in Boston, Washington D.C., and New York, I say what I observed from spending time in Chicago with great exposure to other spectacular United States cities. As a tourist, Chicago leaves something to be desired when considering the other cities in the United States that it has to measure up to. For the tourist, sure there is about a weekend’s worth of activities; however, aside from a few landmarks, Chicago really does not offer a great deal of culture to tourists that one would expect based on the hyped reputation that it possesses.

Paris: Paris surely has one of the best reputations in the world for the tourist; however, having seen a great deal of France, I have to say that Paris is another place that is greatly overrated in comparison to both other parts of France and other European capital cities. If one wants to see more of France, they should really go to Provence, the Loire Valley, and the Côte d’Azur. These regions are surely some of the most diverse culturally and also provide for spectacular scenery for the tourist to enjoy.

Panama: Panama is given a lot of hype in the United States as a place with beach resorts and great vacation opportunities in the rainforest. Given that Panama has so much hype, it also is much more expensive than neighboring countries in Central America that are much more worthwhile to visit. For example, Costa Rica offers a great deal more than Panama and has lodging that is half of the price that one can find in Panama. Additionally, Costa Rica has more exotic beaches and rainforests than Panama does that are not as well known by tourists. Thus, Panama, even though it is famous for exotic resorts, is also very overrated.

Miami: Miami is another place that has a lot of press due to television shows and music videos. Miami on the surface appears to offer great beaches and sensational food from Latin America. While the food in Miami is some of the best that you can get outside of Latin America due to the large presence of the Hispanic community, it leaves something to be desired for vacationing in that there is not a great deal to do and the beaches are not as great as they are advertised to be. For example, I would go to the Bahamas, which is a short boat ride away to go to the beach rather than vacation in Miami, for example. Miami has been given a great deal of hype due to the image of the luxurious lifestyle that exists there; however, if I had the choice to vacation elsewhere, I absolutely would because Miami just does not have as much to offer the tourists as the hype indicates. Oh, and it’s expensive as well!

When picking travel destinations, it is wise to look carefully at reviews. Internalize what those reviews say and assess if the writer is discussing what you are looking for. This will be a great way to see whether the place is the right choice for your upcoming vacation. By doing this, you will avoid choosing a place to vacation that does not measure up to the hype from previous tourists.