Travelling around the world is one of the most exciting things. Relocation to a foreign country is another one. Both travelling and relocation are an activities you can learn from other people experience. Below you can find posts about both subjects:

Relocation and expatriation:

  1. The most popular relocation cities in India – Find top 5 cities for expats in India today. Which cities is the right one for you?
  2. Relocation to India: Pros and cons – Find out what kind of benefits India has to offer and what are its weaknesses.
  3. Relocation to Belgium: Pros and Cons – Belgium is often a country that is overlooked when trying to decide where to reside within Europe. We want to change that perception and you can read here to find out why.
  4. Relocation to New Zealand: Pros and Cons – Take in to consideration both the Advantages and Disadvantages before making up your mind.
  5. Relocation to South Africa – The local wine industry, beautiful sights and English speaking sector of the population are just a few of the perks of moving to South Africa.
  6. Moving to Australia – Learn about all the difficulties you may experience when moving to Australia before making the big step.
  7. Moving to Norway – Does it Have the Best Standard of Living in Scandinavia?

Travelling around the world:

  1. The Most Hyped Places to Travel That Are Just Not Worth It – There are many extraordinary places around the world. Are there cities that get more press then they deserve?
  2. A 500 Euro Weekend – How to Spend Your Money Wisely in Europe. Learn what kind of detail you must pay attention to.
  3. How to Plan a Cross Country Trip to the USA – Learn how and where you can save money on your trip to the US. Every little things can be optimized so you can enjoy your trip but keep it on a low budget.
  4. The Most Welcoming Destinations to Reach as an Expat – Get to know which are the best locations for expats.
  5. The Top Travel Cards in the UK – Start using travel cards that will give back rewards for using them.

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