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New Zealand is the best travel destination all year round because you can do a variety of outdoor activities, such as skiing, hiking, bike riding, swimming, or even rafting on the rivers, in almost any month of the year.

But, if you just want to relax, you can take advantage of the country’s wonderful natural sights.

Even though it is not the cheapest place to visit, New Zealand has always been featured as a top travel destination. It is worth focusing on money management to make room for outdoor activities in your budget.

You can reduce your expenses by comparing the best travel money providers and choosing the right one with the best Pound to New Zealand Dollar exchange rate.

Compare travel money rates below to find the best NZD exchange rates for your holiday money:

Best Pound to NZD Exchange Rates Provider:

Wise Multi-Currency Card

Currency Current Official Rate Bank Average Rate Wise’s Rate Savings
GBP to NZD 2,078.4900 NZD 2,026.5278 NZD 2,064.2316 NZD 37.7038 NZD

Using Wise’s Multi-Currency Card is Better than Cash.

  • Excellent Rates: Get real-time exchange rates with no hidden fees.
  • Convenient: Spend in multiple currencies and make free international ATM withdrawals.
  • No Need for Cash: Use your Wise card worldwide, safer and easier than carrying cash.
  • Great Exchange Rates: Get the best exchange rates on the market.

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Additional Providers:

These GBP to NZD exchange rates are the best exchange rates that we found. Our selected list with the holiday money providers mentioned above can give you peace of mind and save you the hassle of conveying a full currency comparison research. You can jump strait to the next step – buying New Zealand Dollars.

To make it even easier, below you can discover more travel money providers to double check and extend your comparison research if needed.

Buy NZD for 1,000 Pounds; Travel Money – Additional Providers

Are these rates precise and accurate all the time?

The rates shown in the table above are as accurate as we can display them because we refresh them every hour. This doesn’t mean that it is 100% the official ones as sometimes errors may occur or the companies could make big changes and it will take some time for us to display the updated rates. So, just to be sure before purchasing NZD, go to your desired company and double check the rates.

Travelling to New Zealand – Gov.UK’s Recommendation

Read the recommendation here:

UK embassy in New Zealand:

British High Commission, Wellington

  • Address: 44 Hill Street, Thorndon, Wellington 6011, New Zealand

Travelling to New Zealand – Compare Costs

  • An inexpensive meal at a restaurant would cost almost 20.7% less than in the UK, which is around £11.90 (against £15 in the UK).
  • However, you will pay an extra 7.4% if you buy a Coca-Cola.
  • Maybe you should think of drinking wine instead of beer. A bottle of wine costs about 1.5% more than in the UK; however, a bottle of beer costs almost 30.6% more than what it would in the UK.
  • Gasoline would cost around 12.7% less than in the UK, which is around £5.09 per gallon. It is important to note this when renting a car or a van.

In general, the costs are a bit higher in the UK than in New Zealand. Getting to New Zealand would be the expensive part.

Data from Numbeo, and various travel sites.

Travelling to New Zealand – Popular Places to Visit

These are the most popular destinations in New Zealand:

  • Queenstown – a well-known place due to the Lord of the Rings trilogy that was filmed in the area. Many outdoor attractions such as: hiking, bungee-jumping and kayaking.
  • Whitianga – nature and wild-life areas along with perfect places to relax including: hot springs and museums.
  • Blenheim – a wonder of agriculture and the region with more than 20 wineries. Enjoy the sunny weather and the delightful restaurants.
  • Wanaka – both relaxation and adventures can be found at this magnificent lake.

Based on Trip Advisor

Exchanging Large Sums Of Money

When you need to move large amounts of money, opting for an international wire transfer from the UK to New Zealand is often the wisest choice. This method is particularly advantageous for covering substantial expenses such as hotel payments, which can incur significant fees when paid through cards. Additionally, certain service providers offer multi-currency accounts, simplifying the process of accessing and using your funds while abroad.If the above doesn’t open nicely here, and you are looking to compare rates, this is the full website TopMoneyCompare UK to New Zealand.

NZD Rate Comparison

We truly hope that our short guide for travellers to New Zealand helped you plan your trip and find the best Pounds to New Zealand Dollars exchange rates. We are constantly refining our site to bring our audience the most up-to-date and trustworthy information about ways to buy New Zealand Dollars. Remember, the most favourable exchange rates today might not stay the same, given that currency rates fluctuate continuously. To ensure you’re getting the best deal, we recommend using the travel money comparison before every NZD purchase – it can save you both money and hassle. We look forward to assisting you on your next trip and subsequent travel money inquiries.

Enjoy your trip and stay safe!