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Moraine lake in Canada

It’s not uncommon to see families or individuals travelling to Canada. There are plenty of British expatriates who reside there, very strong business ties, and some superb adventures for those who enjoy travelling out in the wilderness.

Canada is friendly, the people are warm despite ill-tempered weather, and it’s not that expensive compared to the UK.

Foreign exchange bureaus can be quite expensive there, so it’s always recommended to exchange Pounds for Canadian dollars ahead of time and buy CAD after comparing the rates of the best travel money providers.

Best Pound to CAD Exchange Rates Provider:

Wise Multi-Currency Card

Currency Current Official Rate Bank Average Rate Wise’s Rate Savings
GBP to CAD 1,742.5000 CAD 1,698.9375 CAD 1,730.5465 CAD 31.6090 CAD

Using Wise’s Multi-Currency Card is Better than Cash.

  • Excellent Rates: Get real-time exchange rates with no hidden fees.
  • Convenient: Spend in multiple currencies and make free international ATM withdrawals.
  • No Need for Cash: Use your Wise card worldwide, safer and easier than carrying cash.
  • Great Exchange Rates: Get the best exchange rates on the market.

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Additional Providers:

The providers shown above usually have the best Canadian Dollars to Pounds exchange rates. Buying CAD with one of these travel money providers is always better. Below, you can find additional rates for comparison’s sake to make sure you are making the right decision. These rates are usually worse than the best Canadian Dollars provider. Compare 30 travel money providers below for their GBP to CAD rates.

Buy Canadian Dollars for 1,000 Pounds; Travel Money – More Providers

Are these rates Completely precise and accurate?

We cannot guarantee 100% accuracy in the comparison above. The exchange rates are moving constantly, and many companies like to trick their customers by changing their Canadian Dollar prices on a frequent basis. In addition to that, technical errors can always transpire.

With that being said, we feel this is one of the best Canadian Dollar exchange rate comparisons in the market. It is more comprehensive and more straightforward than what you can find in some of the bigger sites in the UK personal finance sector.

Travelling to Canada – Gov.UK’s Recommendation

Read the recommendation here:

UK embassies in Canada:

British High Commission, Ottawa

  • Address: 140 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 5A2, Canada

British Consulate-General, Toronto

  • Address: 777 Bay St #2800, Toronto, ON M5G 2G2, Canada

British Consulate-General, Montreal

  • Address: 2000 McGill College Ave., Suite 1940, Montreal, Quebec H3A 3H3, Canada

British Consulate-General, Calgary

  • Address: 2100-144 4 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta T2P 3N4, Canada

Travelling to Canada – Cost Comparison

  • An inexpensive meal at a restaurant would cost you less than £14.54 (against £15 in the UK, which is roughly a -3.0% difference).
  • A 0.33 litre bottle of Coca-Cola would cost you approximately £1.68, nearly identical to the UK price, showing a -3.7% difference. The situation is similar with a pint of beer.
  • Planning to rent a car? It’s a great idea since gasoline is 39.9% less expensive than in the UK.
  • Taking a taxi would also be more economical, with the start tariff being 12.7% less compared to the UK.

In general, it is cheaper than what we have in the UK.

Data from Numbeo, and various travel sites.

Travelling to Canada – Popular Destinations Around the Country

These are the most popular destinations in Canada:Skyline of Toronto with CN Tower over Ontario Lake

  • Vancouver – a wild view of snow-capped mountains and forests, seawall hiking trails, and, of course, plenty of pubs downtown.
  • Whistler – not too far from Vancouver you can find a picturesque place for skiing in the Winter and some attractive outdoor activities in the Summer.
  • Quebec City – a cultural city full of history where an ancient Citadel stands and traditional ceremonies are being held.
  • Montreal – from a small village to a huge metropolis, just wander around the city and feel it’s power and atmosphere.
  • Toronto – delicious restaurants, tremendous shopping centres, theatres and, of course, the top of the CN Tower are only a part of what the city has to offer.

Based on Trip Advisor

Exchanging Large Sums Via Bank

For large transactions, choosing an international wire transfer from the UK to Canada can be a better choice. This method is especially useful for big expenses like paying for hotels, which can come with high fees if you use cards. Also, some service providers offer multi-currency accounts, making it easier for you to use your money while traveling.

If the above doesn’t open nicely here, and you are looking to compare rates, this is the full website TopMoneyCompare UK to Canada.

CAD Rate Comparison

We truly hope that our guide helped you plan your trip and also helped you to find the best Pounds to-Canadian Dollar exchange rate. We are investing our time to constantly improve the content of our website and its quality to bring you the best tools and money travel providers to plan the trip of your dreams. Please do not forget that being the company with the cheapest GBP to CAD exchange rate now, does not always make you the best travel money provider. Remember to check our travel money exchange comparison and find the best exchange rates to buy Canadian Dollars every time you are going on a trip to Canada.

Enjoy your time in Canada!