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Australia is always a premium holiday destination. It is a particularly popular vacation target for Brits because of its linguistic and cultural similarities while offering breathtaking views, vibrant cities, and sunny beaches.

As the flight time to Australia is 23 hours, most tourists would go there for three weeks at least, carrying a substantial amount of cash and holiday money. For this reason, it is essential to carefully compare Pound to Australian dollar providers before buying AUD and choose the ones offering the best AUD rates.

Compare travel money rates below to find the best AUD exchange rates for your holiday money:

Best Pound to AUD Exchange Rates Provider:

Wise Multi-Currency Card

Currency Current Official Rate Bank Average Rate Wise’s Rate Savings
GBP to AUD 1,920.5000 AUD 1,872.4875 AUD 1,907.3254 AUD 34.8379 AUD

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Additional Providers:

Although Australia is quite far and could be somewhat expensive, especially because the Australian Dollar rate keeps climbing in comparison to the Pound, it is still a “must-have” destination and this is particularly true for people who enjoy warm weather and pristine beaches. Brits absolutely love the Australian mentality, which is somewhat similar to the UK one, only more cheerful.

The list above almost always has the best rates to buy AUD. It shows the best providers to exchange Pounds to Australian Dollars. You can compare 30 more travel money providers below for their GBP to AUD rates. Use it for comparison sake to see how our selected providers do against them.

Buy Australian Dollars for 1,000 Pounds; Travel Money – Additional Providers

Are these rates totally accurate? Is it the precise exchange rate at this moment?

The AUD exchange rate comparison above is as precise and accurate as we could make it, but errors may occur. The rates are constantly moving up and down, and our currency feeds only get updated hourly. In addition, travel money providers like to play around with the spreads (the markups between the Buy and Sell), and we might miss that in real time.

Still, the comparison above should be helpful for travellers who wish to decide where can they get the best AUD rates.

Travelling to Australia – Gov.UK’s Recommendation

Read the recommendation here:

UK embassies in Australia:

British High Commission, Canberra

  • Address: Commonwealth Ave, Yarralumla ACT 2600, Australia

British Consulate, Perth

  • Address: 251 Adelaide Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia

United Kingdom Consulate General Australia, Sydney

  • Address: Level 16, Gateway Building, 1 Macquarie Pl, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
  • Phone: +61 2 8247 2200

British Consulate-General, Melbourne

  • Address: 90 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

British Consulate, Brisbane

  • Address: 100 Eagle St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

Travelling to Australia – How Much Does It Cost Compared to the UK?

  • A meal at a normal local restaurant would cost you £12.91 (versus £15 in the UK).
  • A 0.33-litre bottle of Coca-Cola would cost about 19.8% more than it would in the UK, or about £2.08.
  • The taxi ride is approximately 16.6% more expensive than in the UK.
  • Gasoline is approximately 35.8% less expensive than in the UK.
  • One of the best options is to pay hotels upfront using a bank wire and avoid card exchange fees. Transferring money from Australia can be made using “cheap” money transfer services.

In general, getting to Australia is the hardest part. Travelling there is sometimes a bit more expensive, but definitely affordable.

Data from Numbeo, and various travel sites.

Travelling to Australia – Destinations Worth Visiting

These are the most popular destinations in Australia:

  • Sydney – The Legendary Architectural Building, Sydney Opera House, an extraordinary view from the top of the Harbour Bridge, shopping at Rocks District, and the adorable koalas in the Taronga Park Zoo.
  • Melbourne – A cultural centre with local and international arts, unique Royal Botanical Gardens, Sea Life Aquarium, and great nightlife with experiences you will not forget.
  • Lord Howe Island – Pristine beaches like Ned’s Beach, beautiful lagoons, and spectacular walking trails on the island.
  • Gold Coast – A paradise for surfers on the continent’s east side and a perfect place for nature lovers – the Lamington National Park and Tamborine Mountain.

Based on Trip Advisor

Exchanging Large Sums Via Bank

For significant transactions, choosing an international wire transfer from the UK to Australia can be more beneficial. This approach is especially useful for paying for big-ticket items like hotel bookings, which can attract hefty fees when paid for with cards. Moreover, some service providers offer multi-currency accounts, making it easy for you to spend the transferred money while traveling.

If the above doesn’t open nicely here, and you are looking to compare rates, this is the full website TopMoneyCompare UK to Australia.

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Australian Dollar Rate Comparison

We hope that our thorough guide for travellers to Australia will help you plan your to better plan your trip and enlighten you on how important it is to look for the best Pounds to Australian Dollars exchange rates. We are trying to improve our site constantly and make it a useful tool for our readers. Do not forget that the best travel money provider may be the cheapest at this moment, but it does not mean it will remain like this until your next trip. It is important to check GBP to AUD exchange rates every time you are planning to buy Australian Dollars. We hope to see you again. Remember, comparing AUD exchange rates before buying them, can help you save some money and headaches.

Enjoy your vacation in Australia and share your experiences with us. Stay safe!