Advantages and Disadvantages of Moving to New Zealand

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New Zealand is often a place that is not considered by many expats. The reason for this is that New Zealand is very isolated from the rest of the world. Should the expat find themselves near New Zealand, they will quickly realize the country’s potential appeal for expats. That being said, it is important to consider whether New Zealand is the ideal fit when deciding whether or not to give expat life there a try. Consider the following pros and cons of relocating to New Zealand as an expat:

Advantages of Moving to New Zealand as an Expat

Scenery: New Zealand surely has some of the most gorgeous scenery in the world. For this reason, it is a major attraction for expats around the globe. If expats are looking for more outdoorsy activities that are paired with stunning views, then New Zealand offers what few countries are capable of.

Weather: New Zealand is also a great destination for expats because they have a very agreeable climate. Be sure to consider New Zealand if you are looking for a climate with less extremes. That being said, be prepared to experience Christmas during the summer, which will surely feel different than many parts of the Northern hemisphere.

Safety: New Zealand is a locale that has a very low crime rate. For this reason, it is imperative that expats looking for a very safe place to raise families consider New Zealand. There is a spectacular education system in New Zealand, which makes it a very appealing place to raise a family.

Multicultural: Even though New Zealand has a native language of English, it has many different cultures living within its country borders. For this reason, New Zealand not only has an accessible language as its native language, but allows for multiple nationalities to not only reside, but share their native cultures as well. As a result, New Zealand has a very diverse cultural landscape for expats to enjoy.

Disadvantages of Moving to New Zealand for Expat Life

High Real Estate Prices: For those expats that are considering living in New Zealand, it is highly recommended to consider the high cost of the real estate. The cost of real estate will be a major expense. This is precisely why it is imperative for expats contemplating living in New Zealand to consider the high cost of real estate in their realistic cost of living expectations. Be sure to do a NZD exchange rate to gain an overall picture of their prices and compare them with your current location.

Difficult Career Opportunities: Another potential downfall of living in New Zealand is that the job market is not stellar there right now. Expats that have been invited by their company are in an ideal situation in New Zealand. That being said, expats that are intending to move there and find work once they get there will be in for a major surprise. Thus, it is best to secure employment before locating for New Zealand so that you do not deplete your savings substantially.

Limited Public Transportation: Limited Public Transportation is another pitfall of residing in New Zealand. Expats that do not have vehicles or the budget to take a taxi should consider whether New Zealand is the proper choice in terms of viable public transportation options. If the expat lives in the city center in Auckland, this may be possible; however, for the more remote parts of New Zealand, getting around is a major issue that should be considered.

Final Remarks on the Subject

New Zealand is a wonderful choice for prospective expats to consider. New Zealand boasts great natural landscapes, weather, safety, and multicultural options. While New Zealand does have a great deal to offer, it also has some pitfalls that are vital for the prospective expat to consider. Some pertinent examples of these pitfalls are: extremely high real estate prices, a difficult job market, and limited public transportation options. In particular, the job market is vital for the prospective expat to consider in that they need to secure employment while simultaneously contemplating the high cost of real estate in order to consider whether New Zealand is the proper choice.

In contrast, for a more established expat that is contemplating retirement options, New Zealand is surely a wonderful choice to explore in that it has high standards of living, an international business language, and sensational climate. This is an environment that would absolutely be appealing to the wealthier expat; however, for wealthy and younger expats alike, it is pertinent to consider how far New Zealand is from many other parts of the world. The distance is an important factor when deciding whether New Zealand is in fact the ideal fit for one’s expatriation. Thus, be sure to think a great deal about the aforementioned factors when trying to ascertain whether relocating to New Zealand as an expat is the ideal fit for you as you explore potential expat destinations around the globe.