ACE-FX Travel Money Rates

 Currency  Rate  1000 GBP =
 GBP to Euro 1.1443 EUR 1,144.2735 EUR
 GBP to US Dollars 1.2402 USD 1,240.2350 USD
 GBP to Australian Dollars 1.8803 AUD 1,880.3333 AUD
 GBP to Turkish Lira 36.7344 TRY 36,734.3567 TRY
 GBP to Canadian Dollars 1.6660 CAD 1,665.9614 CAD
 GBP to Swiss Franc 1.0856 CHF 1,085.5992 CHF
 GBP to Japanese Yen 184.3357 JPY 184,335.7324 JPY

AceFX’s exchange rates are ESTIMATED. The way our estimation works is this – we sampled each provider’s exchange rates through its website and made out an average margin per currency. Then we used an external provider to supply us with real-time currency rates and applied the margin previously calculated, per provider, per currency. These are indicative rates only, and we don’t guarantee these are the actual currency rates.

Are ACE-FX’s Rates any Good?

When we look at competing providers, we see that ACE-FX is not our top recommendation. And you can see why when comparing the rates with Wise:

 Currency ACE-FX 1000 GBP =  Wise 1000 GBP = Additional Info
 GBP to Euro 1,144.2735 EUR 1,167.7784 EUR More Details
 GBP to US Dollars 1,240.2350 USD 1,267.8499 USD More Details
 GBP to Australian Dollars 1,880.3333 AUD 1,939.8161 AUD More Details
 GBP to Turkish Lira 36,734.3567 TRY 39,462.9138 TRY More Details
 GBP to Canadian Dollars 1,665.9614 CAD 1,712.2607 CAD More Details
 GBP to Swiss Franc 1,079.0455 CHF 1,115.9991 CHF More Details
 GBP to Japanese Yen 184,335.7324 JPY 189,670.9065 JPY More Details

Additional Providers:

About ACE-FX: Review

Ace-FX prides itself in being able to buy and sell cheaper than any other High Street banks, Airport Bureau, The Post Office or even other direct competitors on the market. You can get your travel money from their three bureau de change branches in London or anywhere in the UK by a postal delivery service, with special next day delivery service.

Advantages of using ACE-FX include:

– You can use your debit card to send money all around the world, making international transfers easy.
– Currency can be delivered anywhere in the UK by Royal Mail within 48 hours. All deliveries are insured.
– Rates are affordable, meaning you can save 1% to 4% when compared to purchasing from your bank.
– Convenient app that alerts you when rates change. This makes it easy to know when to buy or sell currency.
– Personalized service, especially for those making larger orders.
– Can collect money in store the same day as you place your order. Several easy-to-find locations.
– Guarantee for the best rate.

Disadvantages of using ACE-FX include:

– Not all currencies available immediately.