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* We do not guarantee the accuracy of quotes, but you can go ahead and check us out. If the provider is offering a different quote than what we featured, go and check other providers (sometimes the rates fluctuate heavily which causes some discrepancies but it’s rare). We feel this holiday money rate comparison is more accurate than most.

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Finding the best travel money provider

With travel money, finding the best travel money provider for your needs could be complicated. For once, the amount of currency required impacts the rates you are getting. Additionally, some providers are cheaper for particular currency pairs and more expensive for others. Finally, some people value rates, while others care about quality of service and reliability (and are willing to pay more for it).

This is why we have established, to provide travellers with all the information they require to make a sober choice. For each currency, we have a separate list of recommended providers with specific rates which apply to the amount you are willing to exchange.

Websites like ours don’t charge money off clients (you will not get better rates by approaching them yourself; on the contrary). We only take a small fee for each client we refer over to a travel money company. In fact, we encourage competitiveness in the niche, and as a whole, what we do helps people get better and better rates each year for their currency.

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