Travel FX (Global Reach Partners) Travel Money Rates

 Currency  Rate  1000 GBP =
 GBP to Euro (Rate = 1.1242)  1,124.20 EUR
 GBP to US Dollars  (Rate = 1.3234)  1,323.40 USD
 GBP to Australian Dollars  (Rate = 1.7512)  1,751.20 AUD
 GBP to Turkish Lira  (Rate = 4.9894)  4,989.40 TRY
 GBP to Canadian Dollars  (Rate = 1.6928)  1,692.80 CAD
 GBP to Swiss Franc  (Rate = 1.3090)  1,309.00 CHF
 GBP to Japanese Yen  (Rate = 149.4680)  149,468.00 JPY

Are TravelFX’s Rates any Good?

When we look at competing providers, we definitely witness that TravelFX is up there at the top. Great Rates. View TravelFX comparison below:

About Global Reach Partners – a Review

Global Reach Partners are extremely well known firm, especially for corporate clients from the London area. They are trading several billions of pounds every year, with a specific focus on corporate FX and high value clients. Travel FX, located at the web address, is a division of Global Reach Partners. It was only logical for a well known firm like Global Reach Partners to start offering a cash travel service, in order to accommodate all of their clients needs and requirements.

The advantages of using Global Reach Partners are as follows::

  • Extensive experience in the foreign currency exchange industry spanning 10 years.
  • Very competitive rates compared to other services.
  • Upon acquiring the card, you’ll be assigned a personal account manager to guide you through the basic requirements, and also tailor the services to meet your specific needs.
  • Through the ‘Forward’ travel money contract, you can secure exchange rates today for a pre-determined future transaction, thereby removing any risks emanating from denomination fluctuations.
  • Whether you prefer making transactions online or via the phone, services can be tailor-made to suit your own individual preferences.
  • Personalized rate quotations available online.

The disadvantages

  • It’s not accessible to US-Based clients.