Barclays Travel Money Rates

Currency Rate 500 GBP =
GBP to Euro (Rate = 1.0760) 538.00 EUR
GBP to US Dollars (Rate = 1.2132) 606.60 USD
GBP to Australian Dollars (Rate = 1.5832) 791.60 AUD
GBP to Turkish Lira (Rate = 4.1644) 2,082.20 TRY
GBP to Canadian Dollars (Rate = 1.5946) 797.30 CAD
GBP to Swedish Kroner (Rate = 10.6099) 5,304.95 SEK
GBP to Swiss Franc (Rate = 1.1762) 588.10 CHF
GBP to United Arab Emirates Dirham (Rate = 4.4000) 2,200.00 AED
GBP to Japanese Yen (Rate = 135.1598) 67,579.90 JPY

Barclays Exchange Rate Comparison – There Are Cheaper Options!

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Barclays Review

With operations in over 50 countries and territories and has around 48 million customers, Barclays is one the biggest banking and financial services company in the world. Everybody knows about their banking services but fewer know that you can acquire travel money from them.

You can order up to £5,000 per person within a 90-day period with a maximum of £2,500 that can be delivered to your home. The minimum order amount for collection and delivery is £50.